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[The following contains spoilers for the Season 4 premiere of The Good Doctor. Read at your own risk!]

The good doctor is back! And while we’re excited to see Dr. Shaun Murphy again treats patients and doctors at St. Bonaventure Hospital to make us feel safe weekly, the premiere was an anxious look at what doctors have to do in real life for most of 2020 as they are on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic work. Beginning the season with tackling the greatest health crisis of modern times was very much intended for the creative team behind the show.

“The world has changed dramatically since we last saw The Good Doctor, since the last episode aired. Of course we felt and David [Shore, executive producer] I felt like he wanted to reflect that reality on the show, “said series star and executive producer Freddie Highmore of the season’s opening episodes.” I think for all of us and certainly for me the most important thing we do by having the coronavirus that is part of those first two episodes pays tribute to the real doctors. I think we would do them and the reality they have been experiencing in the past few months if we just kind of ignored it and moved on in another world. It’s really put into perspective that we’re just pretending to be real doctors, but the people who risk their lives every day deserve this tribute and deserve credit for this great company that they have been forced to break down in the past Months to deal with it. “

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Each doctor on the show has different difficulties because of the virus. Lim (Christina Chang) as the chief surgeon is in a constant battle for medical care for the examination and treatment of patients. Fighting with all the death around her, Claire (Antonia Thomas) reminds her that she lost Melendez (Nick Gonzalez) just weeks before the pandemic broke out. Glassman (Richard Schiff) has to act as president of a hospital in a crisis without being able to leave home because he is part of an at-risk age group. Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) is getting used to life as an internist rather than a surgeon. Andrews (Hill Harper) returns home every night to sleep in the garage to avoid the risk of the virus being passed on to his wife. Shaun is also trying to compensate for a new relationship in which he is not allowed to see his girlfriend because of his risk of exposure.

Although the virus affects every aspect of the lives of hospital doctors and those closest to them, the pandemic won’t be the central plot for season four, according to Highmore.

Freddie Highmore, the good doctor

“It won’t be the focus for the entire season. I like to think that this is a hopeful show. It’s a show that has always been like this and has tried to find the positive in every negative situation and I think we ‘ I’ll be doing that this season too. Even in the first two episodes that deal with this major traumatic event, especially for the doctors on the show, there is still this attempt to dispel those little moments of hope, “he explained adding that the show I’ll try to highlight those lighter moments.

“We have all come to appreciate and celebrate those little moments in life that we took for granted over the past few months,” he added. “You know, just a simple hug between someone you love or someone you are allowed to spend, you know, a certain amount of time with a small group of friends – things that we just thought were normal and we didn’t really think about and I think the good doctor will try, as always, to celebrate these little moments and find hope, certainty and solemnity in them. ”

Getting his new relationship with Lea (Paige Spara) up and running will be a major priority for Shaun this season. In the season premiere, we saw him struggle with the physical distance between them, even though Shaun was determined not to risk Lea’s health in order to be closer to her. A disastrous phone sex attempt proved that the physical barrier between them wouldn’t be an easy hurdle for Shaun, but even if the show leaves the pandemic-centric episodes behind, he and Lea will have their work cut out for them.

“I think Shaun and Lea are going to have a different level of dealing this season – I hesitate to call it some kind of ‘relationship drama’ because it feels like it’s a little too trivializing – but I think “This season is sure to see a more mature show,” teased Highmore. “It’s less about dating. It’s less about these kinds of breakfasts, romances and dates and all these things. It’s more that he and Lea are in a relationship and have decided to be together, which are the more mature ones Things that each of them must deal with and learn to grow and navigate. “

The Good Doctor is broadcast on ABC at 10 / 9c on Mondays.

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