Gospel singer Rance Lee Allen dies – allegedly had COVID !!

The legendary gospel singer Rance Allen has passed away. While the family has not officially announced the cause of death, MTO News hears social media rumors that the singer died of complications from the COVID-19 virus.

Rest in peace.

Here is the official word:

Bishop Rance Allen was the singer for the gospel music group The Rance Allen Group.

Rance, singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter, founded the group with his brothers Tom (drums) and Steve (bass guitar). another brother, Esau (drummer)

While performing at a gospel talent contest in Detroit, Michigan, they became aware of one of the judges, record promoter Dave Clark, who worked for Stax Records


The group was the first to be signed to the Stax-imprint Gospel Truth, and they recorded for the Stax organization in the 1970s. In 1972 the group appeared in the documentary Wattstax.

After this performance, the group was named “Best Religious Group” by the National Association of Television and Radio Speakers (NATRA).

The inclusion of rock and soul in the group’s traditional black gospel music shows the crossover success of artists such as Amy Grant, Andrae Crouch and The Winans. In 1978 the group had a Top 30 R&B hit, “I Belong to You”.

The group released one of their most famous songs, Miracle Worker, in the spring of 2000.

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