Grammys 2021 Kids’s Music nominees ask to step out of class to protest lack of range

I don’t think it would come as a surprise to those who have heard All the Ladies why I chose to stick with the GRAMMY®® voting.

After much discussion with members of Family Music Forward and my male nominees, it was collectively determined that removing it from the vote would go against my album’s message and my goal of gender equality and the inclusion of women in the music industry.

While as a woman I am in complete solidarity with the goals of FMF, it is a masterpiece to receive a GRAMMY® nomination for the first time. It’s not just MY nomination either. I share this with 20 other women including a Latina producer and many women in the BIPOC community.

I appreciate everyone’s private messages of support. It meant the world had you all by my side during this unprecedented week of deliberation with my candidates. Granted, there was very little celebration and a lot of behind-the-scenes action to bring about real change.

I hope that the album’s talent and message will continue to take center stage and that you will join me in the essential conversation about gender inequality and the all-important struggle for the BIPOC community.

– Joanie Leeds


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