Holiday Inn Worker Has Violent Breakdown Towards Black Customer !! (Video)

A Holiday Inn Express employee had a violent breakdown after being confronted by an African-American hotel guest about his mistake. The video below showing the man’s reaction has now gone viral, MTO News learned.

The video of the hotel employee’s violent collapse against the African American customer caused a stir on social media. The hotel guest can be seen in the video challenging the hotel employee about a mistake and the worker became enraged. The Holiday Inn Express employee hit his face – and his head hit the computer.

Then he goes away – after realizing that his incident was recorded on video and says, “You destroyed my life.”

Some wonder if the hotel employee’s breakdown was related to racism – because he didn’t want to deal with the African American. Others, however, believe the hotel worker suffered from a mental illness – and the episode had nothing to do with race.

Here is the video:

After the video was posted, a man who claimed to be the hotel worker replied in the comments. And that supposed reaction has gone viral too.

The commentator claimed he suffered from a mental illness – specifically bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. He claims he told the client that he was “mentally ill and needed a moment to think”.

The man also claimed that the black customer used a homophobic bow against him, but the video did not reveal that the customer uttered such a word. MTO News was also unable to independently confirm whether this comment was from the man in the video.

Here is the supposed answer.


The video has been viewed a million times and is one of the most popular stories on Twitter. Here are some of the answers:

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