How to See Promising Young Women: Where to Rent and Stream Online

Promising young woman has caused quite a stir since making his Sundance debut in January 2020 and hasn’t cooled off a bit. The Searing Revenge Dramedy from the debut feature filmmaker Emerald Fennell Stars Carey Mulligan in the accomplishment of her career to date as a young woman who has devoted her entire life to pursuing her unusual pursuit of justice after her best friend was sexually assaulted. It’s a challenging, intricate version of rape culture, survivor guilt, and the often repulsive genre of rape and revenge. And it has sparked all sorts of controversy and heated debate since it first premiered.

It’s also causing a hell of a stir in the awards season, taking home BAFTAS, Critics Choice Awards, and Spirit Awards, among others. It also has five Academy Award nominations – Best Original Screenplay and Best Director for Emerald Fennell, Best Actress For Carey Mulliganand best processing for Frédéric Thoraval – So if you want to dig into the biggest Oscar nominees of the year, or just want to get involved with the movie that people can’t stop talking about, here is a handy guide on where to do what Promising Young Woman Now is .

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Where can you see promising young woman on call

Promising young woman can watch on demand through all major providers. The film arrived on-demand on January 15th and was available on Digital March 2nd. It is currently available for $ 19.99 or $ 5.99 on a 48-hour loan. Both are available in 4K, HD and SD. Digital purchases include a selection of bonus features, including a director’s commentary with Fennell (scroll down to the Blu-ray and DVD section of this article for the full list of bonus features).

Here’s a handy linked list of several on-demand services that you can check out Promising Young Woman right now!




Apple TV

Prime Video

Google play

You can also rent the film from Alamo On Demand for $ 6.99. This gives you a 7-day window to activate a 48-hour loan, and Alamo’s unique pre-show – always a wonderful experience whenever you’re watching a movie in a drafthouse theater.

Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham in Promising Young Woman

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Is Promising Young Woman on Blu-ray and DVD?

  • A promising vision – Writer / director Emerald Fennell discusses her inspirations for writing this bold, genre-breaking film.
  • Two-sided transformation – A look at why Carey Mulligan was the perfect choice to play “Cassie” and how filmmakers used wardrobe, hair and makeup to express the balance between light and dark.
  • balancing act – The cast discuss their unexpected reactions to the careful balance between frivolity and tragedy in director Emerald Fennell’s take on female vengeance.
  • Feature commentary with Writer / Director Emerald Fennell

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Is the promising young woman still in the cinemas?

Yes, Promising Young Woman is still playing in select theaters across the country. As the pandemic is constantly evolving, it is a good idea to check with your local security guidelines before purchasing your tickets. However, if your local theaters are open and you can safely attend, you can find available show times in your area on Fandango, Atom Tickets, Flixster,, or directly through your favorite theater’s website.

Carey Mulligan in Promising Young Woman

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Is Promising Young Woman Streaming?

Promising young woman is currently not available in streaming. Given the film is still in theaters and high in the awards show, it will likely take a bit of time to get through to a streaming service. No streaming details were disclosed at the time of publication. However, Universal Pictures (including Focus Features) signed 10 years of streaming content with HBO back in 2013, so you can probably assume it will show up there first in due course.

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