In Luke Combs’ “Lovely Loopy” love story with Nicole Hocking

“I won a CMA award last night, but I found a winner because of this amazing woman,” Luke wrote on Instagram after the show. “Thank you for believing in me, supporting me and cooking with me at 1:30 am after the awards. I love you so much, Nicole Hocking, you are amazing inside and out.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Luke and Nicole insisted on their wedding planning, even if their ceremony was a little different. According to the singer, Nicole was “very much” involved in the August 1st celebration. And if you ask Luke, the day was almost perfect.

“I didn’t know I was going to cry that much, but I did, I did,” he told Katie Neal. “I was like a double crying guy.”

And even though nearly 70 percent of the guest list was cut because of the pandemic, Luke found the silver lining. “I think back to it now and we couldn’t even have talked to everyone at our wedding if it wasn’t the size it would have been,” he explained. “It’s about you … it goes by so fast … everyone says that, but it’s the truth. Just enjoy being with each other. It’s the coolest day of your life.”

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