Is Ana De Armas turning into Ana De Diva?

Is Ana de Armas turning into Ana de Diva? That’s the question many people are asking themselves about an upcoming article in the April 26, 2021 issue of Life and Style Magazine. Ana is currently one of the most popular actresses with three films up for release and is currently shooting The Gray Man for Netflix. Her on-screen romance with ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck will feature in the upcoming film Deep Water. She also has the films Blonde (where she plays Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jean Baker) and she will be a Bond girl in the upcoming James Bond flick, No Time to Die, which is ready for release in 2021. Now some are wondering if all of Ana’s success goes into her head, turning her into a diva!

According to a source who spoke to the publication, Ana is leaving the cast and crew of her film The Gray Man and awaiting their arrival. The source stated the following.

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Ana has a lot to do. She juggles with her team with various projects as well as photo shoots and phone calls. People don’t stay angry too long, but they called her Ana de Diva!

Ana continues to be one of the most visited celebrities on social media, but she tends to stay in the background and not dig into her personal life too much. This has led to a lot of speculation about her love interests and now that she has split up with Ben Affleck there are plenty of rumors going on about who she will be dating next.

Recent reports raise the question of whether she’s going to date Rege-Jean Page or whether Ryan Gosling will steal from his wife Eva Mendes simply because they work together!

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What do you think of Ana de Armas Nickname Ana de Diva? Are you surprised by reports that fame comes to your mind? Are you one of Ana’s fans? Are you looking forward to seeing her films this year?

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