Is Khloe Kardashian now engaged to Tristan Thompson after Sydney Chase claims she partnered with NBA star?

Here we go again! Just as speculation was at an all-time high that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Tristan was engaged and was preparing to add another baby to her family. He was involved in another fraud scandal. The allegations that he cheated on Khloe with Instagram beauty Sydney Chase in January 2021 went viral and she not only makes empty claims of clout. Sydney appeared on Hollywood Unlocked, where she dropped the bombshell news and is now posting lyrics to back up her story. She says that Tristan was following her and she didn’t know he was in a relationship at the time. Sydney said Tristan followed her up and even contacted her after talking to Tristan about her Tryste.

The fraud allegations come after Khloe was spotted wearing a giant diamond ring in multiple photos. Although neither Khloe nor Tristan publicly said they were engaged, there was speculation and rumors that the two would soon be walking down the aisle. Now those plans are in jeopardy as some believe Khloe will finally say enough is enough and end it with Tristan once and for all.

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Of course, Khloe’s fans warned her not to take Tristan back, especially after the Jordyn Woods cheating scandal. He was also ambushed with other women while Khloe was pregnant, which infuriated her fans. There’s no question that Khloe has self-esteem issues, and she recently talked about it after an unedited photo of her was accidentally released to the public.

Many believe that Khloe’s acts of repeatedly forgiving and taking back Tristan Thompson came from a place of low self-esteem and that it would be better for her to deal with her therapy problems and find a man to treat her as she does deserves to be treated.

You can see more about the alleged dirty texts Sydney Chase says Tristan Thompson sent them below.

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What do you think of the recent fraud allegations from Tristan Thompson, Sydney Chase? Do you think Khloe Kardashian should Tristan drop Thompson for good?

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