James Blake covers Billie Eilish, Steve Surprise, Beyoncé and Extra In Tender, New EP

James Blake is probably one of the most underrated artists in EDM; and somehow predictable as his music doesn’t fit the typical festival archetype of electronic music. If you use his phenomenal voice and often produce very smooth, melodic songs, you won’t get pumping your fist in a club in the middle of the night. However, the electronic elements that he puts on his songs give them a wonderful new life.

Now, at the end of the year, he’s released his much anticipated Covers EP.

The singer has covers of Frank Ocean’s “Godspeed, Billie Eilishs” When the Party Is Over, Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”, Stevie Wonder’s “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer”, an excerpt from Beyoncé’s “OTHERSIDE” and Roberta Flacks “The first time I’ve seen your face.”

“Those covers and live performances kept me going this year …” Blake said when he announced the EP on social media. “I decided to record a few in the studio and that became this EP.”

“It was a pleasure to discover new music and new ways of playing songs that I have already heard,” he says of his inspiration to create this EP.

Listen below.

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