Jeannie Mai truly attracts a love in a go to to The Actual for a restoration replace

Jeannie Mai Maybe she’s not allowed to use her voice right now, but she still has a lot to say.

The star was forced to quit Dancing With the Stars and take a break from her job at The Real two weeks ago when her doctor discovered a dangerous abscess in her throat. She had to undergo emergency surgery and is now on the way to recovery, but she is taking a moment to check out her co-hosts for tomorrow’s episode of The Real.

E! News has an exclusive first look at her visit where she can say a lot without speaking a single word. Armed with several posters a la Andrew Lincoln in Love Jeannie actually compliments her employees and encourages her fiancé Jeezy‘s new album and offers an update on when it will be working again as Loni love struggles to keep up with all the cards.

“Your boredom, I didn’t think I’d ever miss it,” says Loni and all Jeannie can do is make a face.

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