Jeezy to fiancee Jeannie Mai (The Actual): let’s postpone the marriage till 2025!

Jeezy and his fiancée Jeannie Mai of The Real got engaged in April, but MTO News hears that Jeezy expected this to be a long engagement. . . really long. According to one of Jeezy’s friends, the Sno rapper wants to postpone the wedding for another 5 years!

MTO News spoke to one of Jeezy’s homies who gave us a glimpse into the rapper’s wedding plans. The insider said, “Jeezy wants to stop the marriage. You’re engaged, so there’s no need to rush things.”

He added, “Probably [they’ll get married] in 2025 or something like that. “

When we asked if Jeannie would be okay with such a long engagement, Jeezy’s girlfriend said, “Yeah, she’s cool. You don’t trip over a wedding. “

And Jeezy’s friend might be right. A few months ago, Jeannie told Entertainment Tonight that she had no plans to be walking down the aisle anytime soon.


Two months ago, Jeannie said she was “not even in this mode” when it comes to wedding planning. She said while excited about the engagement, Jeannie wasn’t ready to plan a wedding.

“To be honest, that’s not at the top of our list right now,” she says. “We’re so happy that we can now celebrate an engagement. I feel like we have work to do. So when it comes to our individual work, our individual projects and the messages we want to send to people, too The way we use our Instagram is really important right now to instill an energy of positivity and unite rather than plan a wedding. “

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