Jessica Alba’s honest journey: acting, an unexpected love story and finally the courage to dream big

Warren said, “I think one of the things that has made it possible for us to be together for so long is that we are not together all the time and we have been able to have a certain distance. She travels a lot, I travel a lot, we can miss each other. Quarantine, we are continuously on top of each other and so even every little thing I do is reinforced and annoying them even more now. ”

Alba readily agreed, but when Warren remarked, “There aren’t many things that will make you love me more during quarantine,” she made noises of protest. (And a short break was planned for that evening, so everything was fine.)

When asked why they work, Warren said, “I think our friendship, honestly! It’s so cheesy, but it’s true. Just friendship, we can talk about anything, we can sit down, we can go to each other Bring laughter, we can piss each other off – just this friendship with our best friend, this trust. “

Alba added, “Yeah, like, ride or die. We’re in. We’re both committed to being in it. The second you can choose to do it is when you say, ‘Hmm, not me I can probably choose not to do that anymore. ‘The second thing that happens is when it gets weird. “

And Warren noticed that they were helping each other grow. Alba said, “The moment one stagnates and the other is really pushing for growth, it’s a challenge. Or when you grow apart it’s a real challenge, and so it’s like finding a way to yourself to support each other on our own paths. ” our own growth. It helps me on my way, and that doesn’t mean that our paths have to come together and we have to do exactly the same. It only supports each other in our own growth. “

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