Josh Duggar released from prison and granted “unlimited contact” with his 6 children after CP arrest!

After his release from prison Josh Duggar is supposedly allowed “unlimited” visiting rights with his six children! This happens after the reality TV star was arrested for possession of child pornography.

With that being said, there is one very important condition – his wife Anna Duggar must be there when he sees the boys too!

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In addition, Josh is not allowed to interact with other minors in any way.

This is the agreement that was made pending his trial in July, and the decision was made yesterday by an Arkansas court after Josh asked her to bail him pending his trial so that he could be with his pregnant wife seventh child can expect.

Judge Christy Comstock on the case stressed that she could not in good conscience allow Josh to return home, but had given him unlimited time with the children while the mother was there.

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During the hearing, she said to him, “I recommend that you regulate your actions by thinking about where you are going and who you might meet. You may not want to go to birthday parties, family dinners, or church activities to avoid exposure to minors.

Josh was released to family friends Lacount and Maria Reber, who were under house arrest on their property until his hearing in July.

During this time, he must always wear a GPS tracking device.

He is also not allowed to use electronics, has no access to the Internet and has been asked to hand over his passport.

If he breaks any of these conditions, Josh’s sentence could be increased by an additional 10 years!

The reality TV celebrity has pleaded “not guilty”, but this isn’t even his first sexual abuse scandal.

In 2015, the man admitted molesting his young sisters and a babysitter when he was a teenager.

While the crime was being investigated by the police in 2006, the family decided to keep it a secret and sent him to a prayer camp in hopes that it would help his urge. Obviously not!

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