JT From City Girls Go Viral For Saying ‘Broke’ Men ‘You Don’t Deserve P ** sy! (Clock)

The City Girls’ JT is one of the top trending topics on Twitter today, after a controversial interview where she claimed “broke n ** gas doesn’t deserve p ** sy,” MTO News has confirmed.

She made the controversial statement during an interview on Revolt’s “Respectful Justin” podcast. During the interview, City Girls asked the rapper if she would ever date a “broke” man.

JT made it clear that she is ONLY interested in meeting wealthy men.

JT said to Justin:

For me, N ** Gas ​​just didn’t deserve a p ** sy because I feel like N * Ggas is broken [are] Always crazy about every mother.

You are mad at life. They’re mad that their shit isn’t going the way it’s supposed to, and they always have an attitude.

So I don’t want to be broke if you have no money and a mother who gets involved with me and puts these negative ass ghosts on me.

And she added that these are “broke” men:

You are broke. You are crazy all the time. And you’re trying to tell me how to live


She seems to have started quite a conversation on Twitter. Many women agree with the City Girls rapper. Men, on the other hand, are upset about their comments. Look:

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