KAINA, Ohmme, Unhappy13, Extra contribution to the brand new Christmas profit album

On December 4th, Father / Daughter Records and Wax Nine Records will release a new Christmas album entitled Simply Have a Wonderful Compilation. The 13-track record includes covers and originals from KAINA, Sad13, Ohmme, Routine (the duo of Jay Soms Melina Duterte and Annie Truscott from Chastity Belt), Illuminati hotties, Melkbelly, Johanna Warren and others.

The proceeds from a simple compilation will benefit Feeding America. Below, listen to the cover of Wham! ‘S “Last Christmas” from Pom Pom Squad on. Also, check out the labels’ trailer for the compilation.

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Just have a wonderful composition::

01 Melkbelly: “I hate you for Christmas”
02 Pom Pom Squad: “Last Christmas”
03 Routine: “Wait”
04 Ohmme: “Wonderful Christmas Time”
05 Maneka: “Santa is a Neocon”
06 Bacchae: “This will be our year”
07 Sad13: “Shit for Christmas”
08 Illuminati Hotties: “Christmas Wish List (What We All Asked)”
09 Johanna Warren: “Coventry Carol”
10 KAINA: “I’ll be home for Christmas”
11 Diet Cig: “Happy Holidays”
12 pronouns: “12.23.95”
13 Tasha: “love song”

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