Kandi Burruss praises a song on the first Xscape album

Kandi Burruss enthused the fans with a contribution about a song on the Xscape Album. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘Tonight is one of my favorite songs on our first #Xscape album. Four part harmonies and it showed the voice of each group member! What Xscape songs should we play during Saturday’s @verzuztv fight? 🔊🎵🎶🎥: @shausofglam ‘, Kandi captioned her post.

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Someone said, “I can recite any word of this song backwards and forwards. This is my jam !! ‘ and one commenter posted this message: “Tonight, little secret, understanding, you want and softest place on earth.”

One follower said, “As for album cuts, we have to” Runaround! “Listen.” Another commenter said, “I’ve always loved this song because it showed that each of you can carry your own weight and stunt together.”

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Another commenter said, ‘I can’t wait !!!! I’m ripping apart the fact that I keep watching greatness happen. 😢 👏🔥🙌 #xscape my first cassette # remember when. ‘

One commenter said, “Wait, softest place on earth, do you want my little secret tonight,” and one commenter wrote: “1. Tonight 2. Do you want 3. My little secret 4. Work slowly 5. Just kick it 6. Understand 7. Who can I run to? 8. Softest place on earth 9. In vain 10. In the rain. ‘

One commenter wrote: ‘I definitely want to hear that I want & hold on! These songs fell asleep so ‘

We revealed that earlier today Kandi Burruss praised Tamika Scott . Check out the message she left about her on her social media account.

‘One thing that all of my girls on #xscape have in common, besides our love for singing, is our love for food! My girl @therealtamikascott can throw herself in the kitchen! Check out their page, watch some of their cooking videos, and click the link in their bio to try out their new condiments! 🔥🔥🔥 ‘Kandi has given her post a title.

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