Kelsey Lu and Yves Tumor share new tune: Hear

Kelsey Lu and Yves Tumor have teamed up for a new song. The title, entitled “Let all the poisons lurking in the mud seep out,” also includes Kelly Moran and Moses Boyd. Check it out below.

In a statement, Kelsey Lu said:

“Let all the toxins that lurk in the mud seep out” is about taking risks and carelessly diving into the unknown. Embrace your dark side, which is ultimately your light side. get manic and pull yourself out of this mania. Accept the challenge of being fully yourself, a mutant who bends back to embrace his true nature and the depth that lies in it. The way this song evolved is a mirror of how processing can become fragmented over time. Of my delirious vocal recordings, I was doing alone in an Airbnb between Touring Blood and dragging the microphone into the bathroom while peeing, which happens to be a compelling structural element of the song itself, and for everyone else who is part of that song being in different corners of the world that I have a personal relationship with, mainly through collaboration, which is such an important part of my practice. This song also marks a development since I left a big label, and the work I did between then and now has deconstructed the poisons that ever doubted and killed the power of my art.

In order to. Let any toxins that lurk in the mud seep out. A Christmas miracle!

In 2019, Kelsey Lu dropped her Blood Transfusion EP. Earlier this year she released the single “Morning Dew”. In April, Yves Tumor published Heaven to a Tortured Mind, her feature-length follow-up to Safe in the Hands of Love from 2018.

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