King Von’s sister accuses TI of fraud !!

TI used social media to condemn the violence in Atlanta – but its wisdom only resulted in it being aired by King Von’s sister for fraud.

“Atlanta is a beautiful progressive city full of black excellence.” TI wrote. “We uplift each other and win together. Stop coming here to kill each other. This is being played out. Management.”


Many assumed the rapper was referring to King Von’s recent death, so she caught the wind of TI’s words and responded with the following messages:

“Haven’t you just been to Copper Cove with other bitches (eyeball emoji).” She continued, “I keep seeing the way you go about your business. @ Troubleeman31.”

She added, “And these FACTS! But the energy he always puts into the business has to be the same energy he needs to get it right with his daughter !!!!! Now my brother is at 50 Cent his ass! “

Von was shot dead in Atlanta on Friday after being caught in a shootout. The police say he is unarmed.

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