Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s ideas on appearing collectively will make you the LOL

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn They don’t often star in the same films, but when they do they make it look easy to work with your significant other. So what’s your secret?

“Do it first every 33 years,” joked Russell on Monday November 30th on the Daily Pop episode, referring to how long it has been since he and his longtime love headlined a movie together: 1987 for the romantic comedy Overboard.

“I agree!” Hawn interfered. “It’s not an everyday thing!”

In fact it isn’t. Hawn has only worked with her 37-year-old partner once since Overboard, and that was just to make a brief cameo on the 2018 Netflix flick The Christmas Chronicles. The vacation film, which starred Russell as Santa Claus and Hawn as Mrs. Klaus, has since received a sequel, and this time both play a central role.

“Because we’re actors, you know, we’re in pretty good frame of mind,” Hawn told E! Carissa Culiner.

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