Lala Kent Reveals “The Scariest Part of Motherhood” on Relatable Post

This is not the first time Lala shares her experiences as a young mother. Just last month she described some of the “hardest days” with her newborn daughter.

“I was aware that certain foods could mess up my baby’s tummy, but I never worried too much,” she shared on Instagram Stories on April 27th. “I had vegan food for lunch beans, cauliflower, etc. I’m sure you all are thinking,” You’re an idiot, these foods give off gases to grown people! … “

“Ocean screamed, cried and made a fuss from morning to night,” she continued. “I gave a hint after my second feed and switched from the breast to a bottle of stored milk.”

The Bravo star admitted she was getting emotional and recalled, “I sobbed when it was time for bed – yes, I was exhausted, but mostly because I felt so horrible when she finally got better around 10pm felt like I did this to my cute girl. “”

“Wish us luck today that I pumped the whole vegan out of those milk jugs,” she added.

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