Large Brother Closing Ballot: Which All-Star Will Win Season 22? And who ought to?


The three all-stars in the Big Brother house are so close to this prize money that they can give it a try – but only one house guest will be able to satisfy their appetite for $ 500,000.

Cody Calafiore, Enzo Palumbo and Nicole Franzel have all made it to the finals of Big Brother’s second All-Stars season, and Finale 3 is a familiar territory for each of them: Enzo finished third on BB12, Cody picked that second place against Derrick Levasseur on BB16 and Nicole won the whole game when she returned for BB18 (having previously played with Cody in season 16).

During the two-hour season finale on Wednesday, October 28th (CBS, 9 / 8c), the nine-member jury will ultimately decide who is in this confetti when they leave Big Brother’s house. But before they cast their votes, we’d like your thoughts on who will and should win the season.

On the way to last night Enzo seems like the longest shot to win. On the one hand, he played an admirable social game; He was never an official member of the committee alliance that dominated the first half of the season, nonetheless he managed to build close relationships with strong players and avoid being nominated for the entire season.

That said, Enzo’s game is probably better defined by what he didn’t do. Despite weeks of claims that he wanted to take a big step and dispel a great threat, he missed every opportunity and, oddly enough, decided to oust David during the triple eviction over Nicole. At the time, Enzo’s decision to keep Nicole seemed to be paying off for him – but when it comes time for Enzo to convince the jury of his memorable moves, I’m not entirely sure what he would say.

NicoleDespite the obvious goal on her back as the previous winner, she made the finals again – and despite hitting the block twice during Triple Eviction night, she otherwise managed to get herself off the radar as someone they want most players keep evacuated. (Nothing small for a former champion.) Also, Nicole’s résumé now includes multiple contest wins and housekeeping that ended with the eviction of Memphis. Combine those hour 11 achievements with the ridiculousness that no one tried to stop a former winner from winning again and she could have a real try at making BB history.

But it will be hard to beat Cody when he reaches the last two – and that seems very likely given his solid, seasonal pacts with Nicole and Enzo. With three Head of Household and four Power of Veto wins, Cody was a huge threat to the competition while protecting himself socially so well that he has never been nominated this season. Of course, Cody still has one big hurdle in the way: If he doesn’t win this last HOH contest, he is at the mercy of Nicole or Enzo, who could potentially blind Cody and (wisely) drive him to third place. When does he reach the last two? Season 22 could be Cody’s to lose.

After reading our thoughts on the matter, we’d like yours! Please cast your votes on the following two polls, then leave a comment to explain your final predictions.

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