Light mill slams cops for the homicide of Walter Wallace Jr. !!

Meek Mill hopped on social media to beat up Philly Cops after they shot Walter Wallace Jr., a black man with mental health problems.

Cops say Wallace was holding a knife and waving it, but when they surrounded him and he refused to put his knife down, he shot him multiple times, killing him.

Protests sparked in West Philly after the shooting. His family and neighbors asked why the cops didn’t use their taser instead of fatally shooting him.

“A so-called ‘thug on the street’ would not shoot a man with a small knife as often to protect himself…. The hood has seen it all our lives, “wrote the rapper. “I posted for you guys to see a young man killed in front of his mother who could be detached with a tazer or a shot or 2! Let’s help her asap! “

He also shared a video of the incident.

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