Listed below are Three theories about Virgin River’s stunning season 2 finale cliffhanger

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[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Virgin River. Read at your own risk!]

Virgin River finally returned for season two on Thanksgiving weekend. The season two finale came in somewhat of a shock when Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) saw Jack (Martin Henderson) bleed to death after being shot on the floor of his bar. The audience couldn’t see the violent encounter that resulted in Jack being potentially fatally injured (the show wasn’t going to kill Jack, would it?), Only the veteran bar owner heard someone walk into the house. But by the end of the season there were several people wanting to see Jack dead, so TV Guide put together a list of the top suspects, until hopefully season 3 reveals the attacker.

Suspect # 1 – Calvin: If it looks like a bitter drug lord out for revenge, then it was probably the bitter drug lord out for revenge. There is no doubt that Calvin (David Cubitt) had a motive for shooting Jack after he ruined the plans for Calvin’s expansion of the drug operation and then got the construction site where Calvin was selling illegal narcotics that were ambushed by the cops. Calvin wanted to retire soon and Jack is responsible for seeing that his entire team goes to jail. So he’s definitely a prime suspect.

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Suspect # 2 – Brady: Yes, Calvin definitely wants Jack to be dead more than anyone, but if he had actually been responsible, he would have quit the job and Jack would not have been found alive. Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) was a target in the aforementioned police attack, and there is a slim chance he could have been mad enough to shoot his former mentor. More likely, Brady could have been sent there to place Calvin’s bid, as the boss has shown he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty, but Brady didn’t want to kill Jack because of their mutual past. If that’s the case, it makes sense that Jack was shot in the lower basin rather than somewhere that would kill him instantly, which gave Mel enough time to find Jack at the bar and hopefully save his life.

Suspect # 3 – Charmaine: This is not as far-fetched as you might think. How many times can a woman make the same man break her heart? Yes, she had already vowed never to let Jack see his unborn children after saying that he and Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) would never become a romantic couple. Maybe that wasn’t enough. If Charmaine were injured enough, she could have come back to the bar for another shot at Jack, and if it didn’t go her way, it would have brought it to violent extremes. And she’s a hairdresser, not a killer, so she wouldn’t know where to kill him anyway (besides, she loves him so we can’t believe she really wants him dead).

Who do you think shot Jack?

Martin Henderson, Virgin River

Virgin River Season 2 is now streamed on Netflix.

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