Little Harris reveals a surprise for fans on May 8th

Little Harris revealed a surprise for their fans on May 8th. Check out the message and clip she shared on her social media account.

‘We were only 4 girls who could all lead sing and do a show when we got on stage! Has always been one of our strengths! I say this to say. Go back to sleep … we’re going, wake everyone up! 😏 SWV & XSCAPE See you on May 8th @verzuztv 8pm Ps Meek & I stumbled! Always dance on stage in combat – awful – “Tiny said.

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Someone said, “If I say you had better bop 😆🥰🥰🥰 #xscape #thetruth, you had to be there,” and one commenter wrote, “I’ll be in front and center of my TV at 7am.” : 55. ‘

A follower said: “I remember this remix and the slow live version with Da Brat in the intro. Y’all and SWV could remix a song too. I can’t wait to hear you guys and SWV going back in time. People love making Verzuz a competition and a battle, but it’s not at all. It’s about love and sisterhood. ‘

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One commenter said, ‘Lmao y’all was everywhere. ️😂♂️😂 I love you all but SWV is fighting for Demolish y’all ‘and someone else posted this:’ Cant wait for Tiny to hit that note on TONIGHT, that’s the best part of the song. ‘

One fan said, ‘I’m sorry. Kandi can’t sing! That’s it. ‘

TI shared a video on their social media account that annoyed many followers. Check out some of the reactions in the comments.

‘Welcome to America … I’m not surprised … It lets us know what to do … Now we can do it. @usorelsenow Tip ‘tip wrote.

Stay tuned to learn more about Tiny and her family.

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