Lori Loughlin checks herself in jail weeks earlier than her sentence

Lori Loughlin checked in early and began her two-month sentence in a California federal prison after being convicted of the college admissions scandal. Page 6 says Lori was ordered to go to jail on November 19, but she went there on Friday, a Bureau of Prisons spokesman said.

The point of sale claims Lori went to the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California today Friday. BOP records state that Lori was given the number 77827-112. As most know, Lori and her husband Mossimo pleaded guilty back in May for their role in the college admissions scandal.

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Mossimo and Lori pleaded guilty after they were charged with paying half a million dollars for their two daughters to join the USC. Followers of the case will remember when pictures of Isabella and Olivia Jade on rowing machines were released by the media.

Neither Isabella nor Olivia participated in the sport that formed the basis of their petition to get them to school as recruits to the crew team. Lori reportedly asked for the choice of going to FCI Victorville Prison, which has been labeled a “convenient” camp.

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The facility is about two hours east of the mansion where she and Mossimo live with their daughter. Instead, however, she was taken to a low-security prison in Dublin, about five hours north of Hidden Hills. In the Hidden Hills, Lori and Mossimo live in a $ 9.5 million mansion.

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According to the point of sale, Dublin is the same place where Felicity Huffman served her sentence. She was only there for eleven days and then described it as “tough”. Dublin has reportedly ranked the prison number 7 on its list of “10 Most Convenient Prisons in America”.

A source who spoke to Page Six last year said Huffman viewed it as a “dysfunctional” place. Giannulli, however, Lori’s husband, was sentenced to five months in prison.

Lori had to pay $ 150,000 in fines and Mossimo had to pay $ 250,000. Additionally, Lori will have to do around 100 hours of community service while Giannulli will do 250 hours.


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