Malcolm within the center Christopher Masterson is anticipating his first child with Yolanda Pecoraro

Before he was the one who knocked on Breaking Bad, Cranston’s breakout performance as Hal Wilkerson was the family patriarch who received three Emmy nominations during the show’s six-year run.

Of course, for five years Cranston starred in one of the most iconic television series, Breaking Bad, one of the most iconic performances on television, in which he became the science teacher and drug lord Walter White. He won four Emmys during his run as the ultimate television antihero and forged a close relationship with his co-star Aaron Paul. In 2019, the friends teamed up to release their own artesanal mezcal, disappointing fans and hoping for a renaissance of Breaking Bad. (Hey, at least he made a cameo on El Camino, Netflix’s Breaking Bad sequel?)

After those impressive runs, Cranston continued to receive critical acclaim for his work in such films as Trumbo (which nominated him his first Oscar) and Isle of Dogs, as well as the HBO televised film All the Way, which portrayed the president Lyndon B. Johnson bring him a SAG Award. Before it hit the small screen, All the Way had a popular run on Broadway with Cranston winning a Tony for his work on stage. For his return to the stage on Network, he won another Tony in 2019.

But in 2016, Cranston told E! Hoping there would be a resuscitation of Malcolm in the middle, he said, “I really hope so … I really do, for no other reason than that I miss these people like crazy and keep in touch with them The boys are fine and Jane is fine and I’d love to do it. “

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