Mannequin licks video of rapper Octavian beating her !! (Graphic video)

French-British rapper Octavian (AKA Octavian Oliver Godji) is accused by his ex-girlfriend of being abused by MTO News for physical and emotional abuse. And his girlfriend posted a video showing the rapper brutally beating her.

The rapper best known for working on the song on Friday the 13th of the new Gorillaz album has denied the claims.

Those allegations couldn’t come at a worse time for Octavian, MTO News confirmed. His album is due to be released worldwide tomorrow – and it has received a lot of audience.

His ex-emo Bbay said in a series of posts on Instagram and Twitter that she had been in a relationship with the rapper for three years. She claimed he first physically abused her in April 2020 when she became pregnant with his child.

“After pressuring me to have an abortion, he first attacked me, kicked me in the stomach, burst my lip, attacked me with a hammer and threatened to kill me,” she wrote .

She shared screenshots of messages between the two following the alleged attack in which Octavian described his actions as “bad karma”. She said she was asked later but refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement on the alleged incident in exchange for £ 20,000.

And Emo Bbay has provided evidence to back up their claims. She posted a video showing Octavian beating her. She also posted pictures that she claims show her bruises.

Here is the video – TRIGGER WARNING (contains abuse):

And here are the pictures of Emo Baby after Octavian allegedly attacked her.


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