May TV calendar: 115+ finals, series finals, premieres, returns and more


When do viewers have to give up their motherhood? When is the last time Black Lightning is turned on? When will the NCIS agents in New Orleans resolve their last case? And when will Last Man Standing take place (again)?

The end of this very weird TV season (or at least part of it?) Is imminent, and in addition to the series finals quintet mentioned above, the coming weeks will also see dozens of seasons coming to an end as a group of cable programs close their current ones as well Expires.

However, there are a number of seasonal, mid-season, and series premieres along the way to fill in all of these void spots, including HBO’s In Treatment Revival, The Return of Superman & Lois from The CW, Peacock Calling Girls5eva, Amazon Journey with The Underground Railroad and Disney + Call of Star Wars’ Bad Batch in action.

To keep you up to date, TVLine presents this practical calendar with more than 115 finals, premieres, returns and specials in May. ((Bold note few will read: Some favorites, like ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19, and Rebel, don’t even have tentative dates worth including. Follow us on Twitter for updates.)

But wait, there’s more! Since this stop-and-start TV season doesn’t really seem to have an end, we’ve also included a selection of super confirmed final dates for June and July. Click to enlarge / print / highlight and save this data!

Preventive PS My calendar making skills are not infallible (and after 10 years I think they never will be!). So if you discover something that’s (in theory) missing, write a (polite) note in the comments and I could include it in an update.

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