Megan Thee Stallion Meets Followers With Child Face Vibes – Folks Hit Her For Having Enjoyable Whereas Her Pal Is Dragged

Megan Thee stallion posted a clip on her social media account showing off her bare face. People are totally in love with her natural look and also with her hair, which she has been showing for some time.

One commenter said: “She acts innocently while her friend is being dragged by two other women. Imagine making a song with your friend and then it comes out and you find that you have been replaced. ‘

Someone else posted this: “This is old news that the song came out a month ago. She can’t just hear it now. She started a drama when she left and” played this song “.

One commenter wrote: “She was embarrassed and sad, she just decided to come out with it. Megan has already shown that she is very wrong … that only confirmed it. ‘

Another said, “You are not blind because you are blinded by Megan’s false personality as a ‘good girl’ where she acts innocently and is very wrong behind the scenes.”

One fan said: ‘Meg friends with both Asian &’ jt … & ‘jt she defended when she said to just let it go but no, she kept playing, too embarrassed &’ sad? Why didn’t she play it when it came out a month ago & ‘if she knew she was on the song why didn’t she advertise it? She knew because the tracklist had fallen it could have come out & ‘said Meg the way you asked me about it and then undressed me?’

Someone continued, “Besides, she couldn’t have been ashamed because no one knew she was on the right track to be with her.”

Not so long ago it was revealed that Shaquille O’Neal has a passion for Megan Thee Stallion!

The man showed her some love by leaving a flirty comment on one of her latest IG Live sessions, and fans took note.


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