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Methane Gas Leak Detector Natural Gas

Oct 23


This gas detector saved us thousands of dollars. After a "professional" leak detection service couldn't find our gas line leak, I bought this and filled our line with propane from the BBQ at 5psi for six hours and found it myself and was able to fix the leak without replacing our whole underground line (which is really long). The meter has a very cheap feeling plastic housing but comes in a nice case and the sensor clearly works well and the interface is easy to use. I recommend moving the sensor around slowly as it takes some time to respond and watch the meter rather than listening for the alarm (which is set the default to 500ppm) and you can find and locate very small leaks far smaller than your nose could smell. Would buy again without hesitation, has also helped me find a tiny leak in an oven fitting.


I just began renting an office, and I could smell gas. After plumber and local gas company couldn't pinpoint a leak I decided to buy a detector and try it myself. I was very skeptical after reading bad reviews here, especially ones that say it's very slow to detect. Nonsense! It took one minute to calibrate and then it's started going off like crazy in my office. I took it outside just to see if it was false positive, nope, outside reading came to 0 within 15-30 seconds. So I took it back and it started going off, stronger when I came to ear with strong smell. I went down basement and within 15 minutes found source of the leak, a pipe that was going up into wall in my office. Detector works fast, beeps and vibrations get faster as you get closer to the gas source, screen provides great and accurate feedback. Wow I'm more than impressed, I'm blown away (not laterally). It worked better than professional one that gas employee carried.


This is a nice, affordable, intrinsically safe, combustible gas detector. The manual has the Ex logo printed in it so keep it handy if you need to show proof to any inspectors. It has a long boot up time, 60 seconds, so never rely on just this unit for monitoring your environment. As a secondary monitoring device, to supplement your permanent, static, detection devices, you really cant do better than this unit. Do not charge this unit anywhere you suspect combustible gasses may be present, it is only safe to use in hazardous locations, but not charge. Battery life is ok, but does drain quickly if its vibrating and sounding alarms for extended periods of time.

Great Customer Service and Product!

I had many technical questions about the product that were not obvious after I bought the product, and Forensics Detectors were prompt with replies and answers!