Michael B. Jordan to be named Sexiest Man Males in 2020

John Legend‘s reign as People’s Sexiest Man Alive is over because Michael B. Jordan officially joins a long list of handsome A-listers who have held the title.

The magazine announced Jimmy Kimmel Live! On Tuesday, November 17th. Special. Michael (who came out in a Hazmuit suit because it’s 2020 after all) revealed his identity after the host Jimmy Kimmel and the audience at home made assumptions.

Is the actor feeling extra pressure to keep up their looks? “I think the expectation is now … it’s a little unreasonable,” he joked. “Just a little. But it’s a cool title.”

Prior to today’s announcement, Legend shared his choice for his replacement and explained why he felt “so ready” to pass the torch on to a new person as the “Sexiest Man Alive” after 365 days of “funny” and “humiliating”.

“I appreciated the whole experience and tried to have a lot of fun with it, but I’m so ready to give up this title,” said the singer-songwriter in an interview with People.

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