Mike Tyson exhibits 100 pound weight reduction when he tears his shirt off through the reside interview

Mike Tyson is ready to show its formidable gym goals.

During an interview on Good Morning America on Monday November 23, the 54-year-old boxer was so excited to show off his amazing physique that he spontaneously took off his hoodie to reveal his bare chest.

The former world heavyweight champion told GMA’s TJ Holmes“Here it is, man! Here it is. Here it is, brother.” At the beginning of the interview, Mike accredited his weight loss and muscle gain for exercise and his wife’s encouragement.

“I went vegan. My wife told me to get on a treadmill,” he explained. “I went on the treadmill for 15 minutes and finished after two hours.” He also talked about how “difficult” it was to get where he is now, but the former champion is no stranger to hard work.

“I had to lose 100 pounds,” recalled Mike. “But otherwise, I’ve always done it my entire career.”

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