Miley Cyrus is surprised to learn the way many tattoos she truly has

Miley Cyrus Maybe she can know when something is right, but she doesn’t necessarily need to know how much ink she’s done.

The pop star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, December 7th, where she played a quiz game about herself against a superfan named Paul.

One of the host’s questions Jimmy Kimmel was: “How many tattoos does Miley have right now?”

Paul did his best and weighed in with an answer of 27. When Jimmy announced it was way too low, it was the 28-year-old “See You Again” singer’s turn to give it a try.

“I have no idea,” she replied. Jimmy was confused about why he’d know the right number if she didn’t, so the ever-sincere Miley quipped, “Um, because you’re probably a lot more coherent when I get these tattoos than I do.”

Jimmy replied that the answer was 74 (!) And Miley was just as confused as her fan. “Huh?” she replied and definitely had trouble believing the balance sheet was correct. Unfortunately, Jimmy didn’t reveal his sources, so it’s unclear who actually counted.

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