Mom Sneak Peek: Two and a Half Men Melanie Lynskey is AA newcomer to series finale – watch video

Mama’s women welcome a new (and familiar) addition to their close-knit group at the series finale on May 13th.

Two and a half year old alumna Melanie Lynskey (who last appeared on the Chuck Lorre sitcom Young Sheldon) appears in the clip above as Shannon, an AA newcomer who is reluctant to open up to Bonnie and the girls. “I have nothing in common with you,” she says. “I mean, you don’t know what real problems are.” The ladies laugh well, then share their deepest points with Shannon, including Bonnie’s previous estrangements from Christy and Majorie and Tammy’s respective federal prison stays.

In the final episode, titled “My Kinda People and the Big To-Do,” Bonnie gets a fresh look at her sobriety after dealing with “difficult news.” Meanwhile, Jill and Andy are taking another big step in their relationship … which is spoiled in the following pre-air photos.

Nowhere in photos or upcoming attractions is Anna Faris’ Christy, who left Napa for Washington DC on the final season premiere to attend Georgetown Law School. There was no indication that Faris will be returning to see the CBS comedy farewell.

In the penultimate episode of Mom, Marjorie received the Napa Valley Community Hero Award. At the black tie gala, Jill took a test and found she was pregnant, and Tammy hit it off with limo driver Clayton. (For a full summary, click here.)

In the video above, press PLAY for a snippet of Mom Hit the comments with your hopes for the series finale.

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