NASCAR Pit Crew William “Rowdy” Harrell and his spouse killed in a automobile accident on their honeymoon

NASCAR fans mourn a member of the Hendrick Motorsports pit crew.

According to the sports team, William “Rowdy” Harrell.30, and his wife, Blakley HarrellThe 23-year-old tragically died after being killed in a car accident in Florida on Tuesday, November 24th.

The couple were reportedly in the Florida Keys area celebrating their honeymoon, which occurred just three days after the knot was tied.

According to NBC Sports, which received a preliminary report from Florida Highway Patrol, William was driving a Toyota Corolla traveling north on US 1 (a two-lane highway). The report indicated that William was driving across the centerline into the south lane at about 9:40 p.m. ET. A pickup attempted to evade Williams’ car by rolling on its shoulder. However, the vehicles collided, according to the report.

E! News has asked the Florida Highway Patrol for our own report and has not yet received a response.

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