Nate Robinson wears a BLACK EYE after Jake Paul was knocked out !!

Nate Robinson appeared dazed when he left the Marriott Hotel after his brutal knock-out from Jake Paul, MTO News has learned.

Nate fought the Youtube sensation as an undercard of the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones. Unfortunately for Nate, the fight didn’t go its way. Look:

Paparazzi managed to get a few pictures of Nate looking dazed and confused, and he had a black eye too.

Thereafter, Nate showed up after being viciously knocked out during the fight and wearing what looked like a puffy eye and an injured ego. Poor Nate.


Nate is a retired professional basketball player. Robinson was born in Seattle and played college basketball for the University of Washington in Seattle. He was the 21st election in the 2005 NBA draft. The 1.75 m long point guard has also stood for the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and Denver Nuggets played. Robinson is the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion.

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