NBA YOUNGBOY’S new track predicts the DEATH of King Von !!

Rapper NBA YoungBoy released his video / song “Dead Trolls” a few months ago, and some of the lyrics in his song may be related to King Von and his recent death. MTO News hears a growing murmur from hip-hop fans that NBA Youngboys song seems to predict the rapper’s murder.

King Von was shot dead in Atlanta last week. Police say the man who shot him is a member of NBA Youngboy and the half-brother of rapper Quando Rondo.

In the track Dead Trolls, NBA YoungBoy mentions that something is “dyed” (killed) in Atlanta. King Von – a native of Chicago – was shot dead in Atlanta.

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NBA compares the person he defiled to NBA player “D. Rose”, who is from Chicago and played for the Bulls.

NBA also yells “dead rapper” and mentions two people who fail after a shooting. Another man was killed during King Von’s shooting.

And there is more. Quando Rondo can be seen in the video almost exactly as YoungBoy. King Von was shot dead after a verbal argument with Quando Rondo.

After all, the song is called “Dead Trolls”. In the past, the NBA referred to King Von as a “troll” for pissing him and Rondo online.

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