New artist spotlight: Flyght Club brings some much-needed chill-lofi vibes until 2021

Flyght Club is the nickname for a new project from LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Shauvik Sharan. With his first single “So Alone for So Long” in 2019, Shauvik introduced the Flyght Club style as a bit jazzy and funky, a bit Lofi and with lots of emotional, honest lyrics. The sound only grew from there.

As more singles were released in the course of 2020, Sharan added elements of hip hop and trap to the largely acoustic sound of “So Alone for So Long”. “All for You” is probably the most EDM-crafted track in the Flyght Club discography to date, with lots of electronic synthesizers, but in general it would be considered a well-produced R&B. It has the lyrical romance of the first track but shows Sharan’s production skills over his guitar work.

“Re-Up” with King Cruff is a lot more hip hop, but still with an ambient or Lofi touch. Think Matisyahu meets the racist. It starts with a quote from Bob Marley and thus the opening of the funny cartoon video shows how Sharan sees Marley on television as yet another homage. The video is also meant to show the difference between Sharan’s life in India, where he grew up, and now in Los Angeles. Rather than being a review of either location, the video gets the point of the song in a nutshell: it is possible to be happy and live peacefully wherever you are, and the richness of life is rooted in how you feel feels.

The Flyght Club has made it their business to bring a bit of global music into the mix. On the two newest tracks “Those American Eyes” and “Olivia” the acoustic vibes are back and Sharan really shows his guitar skills. The video for “Olivia” was posted on YouTube in July but was only recently added to Spotify at the Flyght Club. The vibe here is almost pop in terms of Sharan’s vocals and production, but it’s more of a rock / pop situation where the production supports and highlights Sharan’s exceptional guitar skills. The video shows Sharan playing all the instruments for the song, using different microphones, creating sounds with different controllers and running the beat on his laptop. A multi-instrumentalist indeed

“Those American Eyes is a cacophony of beautiful sounds that were composed as an ensemble piece and even bring a sitar from his native India to give the track this beautiful atmosphere. The video adds to the ensemble feeling of the piece, with various artists and Sharan in a recording studio and not just with him in the tiny desk format. Although Sharan plays most of the instruments on this track, the chill jam session also seems like a great way to perform. Seems like Sharan likes both, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he got more guest instrumentalists on this project.

With a style of this diverse and clearly superior expertise, Sharan as a Flyght club is likely to do well in any arena he chooses within music. He is currently working with some great artists such as Jason Derulo and Movi3. It will be interesting to see how this Lofi prodigy continues to dance between genres and bring chill vibes with meaning to many different audiences.

All tracks for Flyte Club can be streamed on Spotify. You can also find more videos on his YouTube channel.

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