Nicole Poturalski’s Cryptic IG Submit: “Maintain on somewhat longer.” Is it about her breakup with Brad Pitt?

Although reports of the split between Nicole Poturalskiand Brad Pitt have just gone public with sources close to the celebs saying they are “totally over”. The relationship wasn’t really serious, according to the unnamed source. However, Nicole’s cryptic message could say otherwise …

The model posted some sexy photos on her Instagram, but what caught our attention was the post’s caption. While the photos definitely gave the impression that the gorgeous model was fine, their message was different.

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The model was wearing a tank top and had her legs against her chest. The sun touched her face through the window as she curled up in a bed. In a second photo, she leaned back, held out her arms, and smiled with closed eyes.

“Just stay tuned a little longer …” wrote Nicole in the caption of the two photos. The comment section was filled with heart-eyed emojis from her followers. The model took the time to respond to some of the comments and send hearts back to her friends.

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The photo garnered over 10,000 likes. Hours after sharing the photo, news of their breakup broke. According to a source connected to Page 6, the two don’t seem to have seen each other in a while.

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The source stated that Nicole and Brad Pitt were “totally over” and that “it was never as serious as it should be”. The model is married to Roland Mary, 68, and they have an open marriage, the source explained.

Poturalski and Mary together have a seven year old son. The husband is reportedly “not interested” in being jealous of his wife’s extramarital relationships, the Daily Mail noted in a recent article.

When Nicole was dating Brad Pitt, a family friend said that “there is no tension between Roland and Nicole” and that “everything is fine.”


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