NY Woman Intentionally Infects Black Men With Herpes; Badly beaten! (Vid)

A New York woman was brutally assaulted over the weekend, and she could be prosecuted – after admitting in a viral video that she knowingly infected several black men with herpes.

The woman posted a video on Friday confessing that she is currently infected with three sexually transmitted diseases – herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The woman – the Caucasian – revealed in the same video that she is mostly dating African American men and that all of her alleged victims were black men.

And she didn’t seem too sorry for infecting her partners and passing on at least one incurable disease, herpes. The woman explained, “I was once a victim and now all the people I have fucked with are victims.” And she added, “And for you, scammers out there, that’s why you are [shouldn’t] cheat in Binghamton[, NY.]””


The video quickly went viral across town – and a group of men romantically linked to the woman ran down on them at a mall.

The men held the woman until some of the mothers of their alleged victim babies were there and the women beat her mercilessly.

In New York, it is an offense for anyone who knows they are infected with a sexually transmitted disease to have sexual intercourse with another person. MTO News contacted Binghamton Police Department regarding the taping and video of the woman.

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