OMAS depends on sudden code: Pandorum Remix, “Occasion Horizon”

If you think about who would make a good remix for Filth Lord Code: Pandorum, you probably don’t think about it OMASwhose last track we wrote was his beautiful collaboration with Dani King, “Release Me”. Well, you’d be absolutely wrong.

Code: Pandorum just released his new heavy song “Event Horizon”. “Event Horizon” is punctuated by intense stitches and dirty bass and is everything we expect from C: P. There are also small, more subtle, terrifying melodies behind this, and that’s exactly what OMAS emphasized with care in his remix.

Instead of trying to match the severity, OMAS took advantage of the elements of tension and horror while adding its own melody and finesse to it. A light white noise filter over the main drop gives it an even more eerie feel and the trap drums make it feel like a whole new song.

The remix by OMAS is in stark contrast to the other two remixes in the Octobit and Midlex package, both of which attempt to just emphasize the weight of the original. They’re good if you already like the original, but OMAS is able to bring Code: Pandorum to a wider audience, and in my opinion, it’s far more valuable.

You can listen to the full package here and check out the OMAS remix below!

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