Pepa from Salt N Pepa sues physician for botched bum !! (Graphic photographs)

Sandy “Pepa” Denton of the rap group Salt N Pepa is suing her doctor for her “botched” butt augmentation procedure, MTO News has learned. Pepa was referred to the doctor in 2019 after being involved in an Uber car wreck in 2018. The rapper says the biopolymer injections in her bum shifted and caused her pain due to the accident.

According to Pepa, Dr. Sayah told her he could help her, but he did the opposite. The complaint received from TMZ states that a procedure he performed made her buttocks hard and lumpy, which caused her problems when she tried to perform on stage.

Pepa says instead of removing the biopolymer material and piston implants, the doctor recommended smaller ones. However, she wasn’t for the idea because she didn’t want a smaller butt.

But what she got was liposuction that didn’t go well and had to undergo another operation to fix the problem. The result of all the operations she believed made her look disfigured and misshapen.

Here’s a picture of the botched loot:

video_image-483452Salt screenshot

Here’s a video showing her botched bum in motion:

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