Peter Dinklage stars within the restart of Poisonous Avenger

The first superhero from New Jersey is back!


Emmy Award Winning game of Thrones Star and the architect of the Sentinels himself Peter Dinklage will star in Legendary’s reboot of the classic Shlock Festival The poisonous avenger. As reported by Deadline, Dinklage will lead the cast of a “contemporary reinterpretation” of Troma Entertainment’s legendary pulp superhero action comedy I don’t feel at home in this world anymore director Macon Blair.

A staple for midnight screenings and VHS rentals in the 80s and 90s, The Toxic Avenger is about a nerdy outcast who accidentally falls into a barrel of toxic waste after a cruel prank Carrieif Carrie’s classmates had thrown industrial acid on their heads instead of pig’s blood). The mud turns him into a grotesque mutant, but he quickly becomes the popular advocate, battling psychotic bullies, evil drug dealers, corrupt politicians, and pretty much everything in between. (No, really – he fights the literal devil after all.) The Toxic Avenger was the brainchild of Troma co-founders Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Heartand in the years since its first release, it has become both a cult classic and an unlikely franchise, spawning three sequels, a stage musical, an animated series for children, and an accompanying line of action figures. The last piece is especially bizarre considering that while full of slapstick comedy and surprisingly ironic subversive humor, The Toxic Avenger is also terribly violent, a hallmark of Troma’s films. Kaufman and Herz, long-time masters of independent cinema, are on board as producers. (Kaufman once took a chance on another hyper-violent comedy called Cannibal! The musical by then unknown filmmakers Trey Parker and Matt Stone.)

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Dinklage might seem like an unlikely choice for a Toxic Avenger restart at first glance, but the longer I sit and think about it, the more I’m there for it. He has a background in both comedy and tentpole action films, and Legendary has the chance to establish a wonderfully weird superhero franchise in the tentpole genre along the lines of The Toxic Avenger Dead Pool. Meanwhile, Blair’s dedication as a writer and director is equally fitting, as his darkly bizarre comedy “I Don’t Feel At Home In This World” is a genre piece that has a similar tone to the Troma original. (Speaking of the movie, the only person I’d rather see act Toxic Avenger than Dinklage Elijah Wood.) For more reboot news, click here to read the latest casting news for the upcoming Disney + series pasture.

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