Phaedra Parks believes within the partnership between Democrats and Republicans

Phaedra parks shared a post in which she told fans that he went Democrat, and Republicans agree, magic happens. Check out what it’s all about below.

‘Congratulations #Louisiana on closing your special session. Thank you for the hospitality and appreciation of my community service! I look forward to the possibilities ahead! When #Democrats and #Republicans unite, #magic happens! #LA #politics #GovJohn Bel Edwards’, Phaedra captioned her post.

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Someone exclaimed: ‘Great pictures !!!!!! Beautiful Queens ???? Phaedra Parks is the FUTURE. I just thank God for their presence. Always involved in something COMMUNITY WITHOUT PREJUDICE. If only the PRESIDENT had spoken to her. ‘

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Another follower said: “I love ebony and ivory together, Gurl !!!” and one follower wrote this: ‘Congratulations Phaedra. But the third photo… the beauty of the face there…. IMPRESSIVE! ???? Achieved AND beautiful ???????? ‘

Someone else said, “Awesome, the last time I lived with Airline in Baton Rouge was when Richard Pryor made a movie with Jackie Gleason” The Toy “and I was lucky enough to go to East Parish Schools in the 1970s to have gone. “

One fan said, “We hope you enjoyed your candle!” And someone else posted this message: “Keep making boss moves; another young black woman somewhere admires you.”

One commenter wrote, “How do you view the petition on Louisiana and the end of the mandate restrictions?”

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Another wrote: “@phaedraparks I live in Baton Rouge, wish I could have seen you again. We met years ago at a book signing you had here. Keep being fabulous and blessed.”

In other news, Phaedra Parks shared a photo on her social media account. In the photo she is with her two boys and the fans love to see her. Look at the picture.

‘#Reminder about when #Sundays wanted to go to #church without a mask #boymom #flashback ❣️’ Phaedra has given her post a title.


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