Porsha Williams has the best time with her sister Lauren Williams: Goofy Girls Unite

Porsha Williams shared a message about her sister, Lauren Williams that makes the fans laugh. Check it out below.

‘Ok ok @lodwill proved their point! I am a repeat offender of lame pick-up lines. Here is some of their evidence from one of my old phones saying, “Crazy, sexy, cool plan” to a guy who wants to hang out. Are you a stupid copywriter like? me ???! I know i’m not alone! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Fun fact: once a guy wrote to me, “What’s good and I replied,” How the hell are you? “and he got me spooky” #GoofyGirlsUnite, “Porsha captioned her post.

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One fan said, “Lol, so I should go out with this guy and he started to rain and he said we should reschedule because we were doing something outdoors and I said,” OK, let’s have a take take rain check .. understand? Rain. Check “and he ghosted me 😂😂 ‘

Someone else posted this: ‘Lmfaoooo !!! This is me. Just don’t know what to say. But hey you are the point. 😭😭 ‘and one commenter said,’ Personality think your personality is illuminated and any man would be lucky enough to have you. They bring life to the real Atlanta housewives. ‘

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Someone else posted, “I checked my messenger last year and was so damn embarrassed,” and one fan said, “I’m bad at it too lol even FaceTime. I answer like hi my friends are like Kim it is FaceTime. “

One fan said, “Girl, yeah, lol, I’m freezing and sending the first thing that comes out of my fingers,” and someone else wrote, “You’re getting spooky. You’re lying, lol.”

In other news, Porsha Williams posing with her sister, Lauren Williams and their fans and followers say these two are partnering up. Check out the post that Porsha shared on her social media account.

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