Porsha Williams snuggles up in mattress with Pilar Jhena – take a look at her cute video earlier than Christmas

Porsha Williams snuggles up in bed with Pilar Jhena and they have the best time together before Christmas. Porsha is showing off her new hair too – in case you don’t know, she recently cut her hair short.

‘Thanks @ klk33_ for my blanket designed by @vashtiharrison, I absolutely love it and Pj rarely snuggles up to me this early so it’s actually magical, lol ???? #RepresentationMatters ????????????’ Porsha titled her post.

Someone said, ‘Your waist is torn! To look good!!!’ and another follower said, “Fine, I remember doing this to each of my 5 children. You are really beautiful.”

One follower wrote, “Gorgeous black diamond – you look so classy when your hair is styled like this gorgeous baby,” and someone else said, “I love your short hair so much, it goes perfectly with your face.” ♥ ️???????? ‘

A fan said, ‘Awwwww PP is soooo cute ???? she is you and Dennis Zwilling and no, I’m not saying you and Dennis look the same, but your baby bears the same resemblance to the two of you ♥ ️ ♥ ♥ ♥’ and someone else Follower posted this: ‘So true! Representation is important! I love watching your growth! So proud of you! ‘

Someone else said, “Wow, you look so beautiful. NPR is just damn adorable. “And one commenter wrote,” Babies have this cozy smell, love your hair girl, thanks for your daily positivity. “

One follower said: ‘@ porsha4real is watching you on plate rn. And you look beautiful Where did you get the top from? I need to know now. ‘

Someone else said, “I thought Pj looked like Dennis, but from your baby picture, they put on the show. She is definitely your twin ???? @ porsha4real. ‘

Not a long time ago Porsha Williams remembered Breonna Taylor before Christmas.

Check out the post she shared on her social media account.


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