Presidential Debate No. 2: Grade Trump versus Biden, moderator Kristen Welker


At least one long national nightmare is over now – and this is the 2020 presidential debate season. Who emerged from the six-week Fracas with the best success in the November 3rd election?

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger / former Vice President Joe Biden faced each other for a second time on Thursday night, more than three weeks after their first debate and a week after their second debate, which was essentially replaced by “dueling town halls,” Trump’s youngest COVID positive diagnosis.

The 90-minute second debate took place at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, with NBC News’ Kristen Welker as moderator. (Prior to the debate, Trump – fresh from his October 15 town hall grilled by NBC News’ s Savannah Guthrie – dismissed Welker on several occasions as “extraordinarily unfair,” “a radical left-wing Democrat,” and “a very prejudiced person.” . But he was friendly during the actual deafness.)

After the spate of interruptions that polluted the first debate, the Presidential Debate Commission decided that for this round, each candidate’s microphone should be muted during their opponent’s time allotted for the opening speech. All microphones would then be turned back on during the discussion, but any interruptions count towards the total time of candidates. But did it all fall under “Human plans, God laughs” at the execution …?

The rematch consisted of six segments devoted to the themes of the fight against COVID-19. American families; Races in America; Climate change; National security; and the always important “leadership”.

How did Welker fare as a moderator? Has microphone mute made hand-to-hand combat more manageable (or frankly, more mundane)? And who “won” this last debate, Trump or Biden? Vote on our polls below, then click on the comments to share your thoughts without any misinformation!

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