Prince Harry talks about ‘unconscious inclination’ and what encounter Meghan Markle taught him about it!

Prince Harry is aware that most people have an unconscious tendency and is determined to teach others about it. After all, he had to learn a lot about it by walking mixed race in his American wife’s shoes!

Prince Harry may have left his royal title and responsibilities behind, but that doesn’t mean he’s done using his influence forever.

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Apart from that, during a virtual chat with activist Patrick Hutchinson for GQ, Harry discussed unconscious biases and what he learned about them when he walked in Meghan MarkleShoes.

As you may know, Hutchinson was online back in June for taking part in a protest against Black Lives Matter in London and escorting a white counter-protester to safety after the man was injured.

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Now an insider said about ET: “It was an honor for the Duke to speak to Patrick. Patrick is clearly a man of great integrity and passion, and it was really great to be able to shed some light on the work he is doing to make a difference for his community. ‘

And since they are both fathers, the two men talked about making this world a better place for their children and developing unconscious prejudices.

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“You can’t point your fingers when it comes to subconscious prejudice, but if you realize it or feel a little uncomfortable, you need to go out and study because ignorance is no longer an excuse,” Harry argued.

He went on to mention that he had a realization since meeting Meghan, who is of mixed race: “With my upbringing and training, I had no idea what it was, I had no idea it existed. It took me many, many years to realize it, especially after living in my wife’s shoes for a day or a week. ‘

Harry is also the father of a 1 year old son named Archie Harrison, and he noted that many of his choices and decisions regarding the current social justice movement were motivated by the toddler.

“Being myself is the whole point of life for me, trying to leave the world in a better place than you found it,” Harry said to the other man.


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