Rapper Moneybagg Yo’s mother catches COVID; Hospitalization with COVID Pneumonia!

Rap star Moneybagg Yo is going through it today. MTO News has confirmed that the rapper’s mother is infected with the Covid-19 virus and is suffering from pneumonia in the hospital.

Although he did not provide details about his mother’s current condition, he told his followers he needed their prayers: “Damn mane, how my mother got COVID and pneumonia,” he wrote, “smh, I need all the prayers now.”


That terrible news comes just as the 29-year-old artist released his fourth studio album, A Gangsta’s Pain. The album was released a week ago and because of its hits, Moneybagg now has a six-figure booking fee.


Moments before he shared his mother’s diagnosis, Moneybagg said he was facing a troubling situation: “Man, I hate it when shit is good and bad, find out about it,” he wrote.

According to social media reports received by MTO News, the rap star’s mother is in serious condition. Pneumonia during Covid is very serious. It is similar to the spread of multiple forest fires in a forest.

As COVID-19 pneumonia moves slowly through the lungs, it leaves damaged lung tissue and contributes to the fever, low blood pressure and organ damage that are common in COVID-19 patients, according to researchers.

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