Recap a Million Little Things: Katherine Has Enough (Can You Blame Her?)


A million little things Katherine needs a hug. And a vacation. And a husband who is able to go through a season without significantly damaging their marriage.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t get any of it this week.

Please understand: I am very aware that Eddie’s substance abuse resulted from an illness over which he has no control. I also know that relapse is a common and heartbreaking part of the recovery process, and extenuating circumstances have made this particular relapse even more difficult for poor Ed.

But it’s possible to have all of the compassion for Eddie and feel so much for Katherine – and Theo – whose lives have once again fallen behind because of something Eddie did. (And don’t even get me started on the affair with Delilah and the following child. That was nonsense.)

Anyway, Katherine is having a really difficult episode … and it looks like Sophie is going to have a difficult one next week for a very different reason. Read on for the highlights of “The Lost Sheep”.

“I don’t care that you are sad.” | We went straight back into the conversation that happened at the end of the previous episode, and Eddie admitted everything: stealing Regina, throwing Dakota under the bus, everything. He swears he’s done, but so is Katherine. “Hold on. Stop it,” she says. “I don’t care that you’re sorry.” He tells her he’ll be admitted to rehab the next day and that Gary will drive him unless she wants to “She tells him to go with Gary.

Eddie plans to tell Theo that he’s visiting his sister, just like the Grand Canyon cover story they used when Katherine left last season. “I’m not going to lie to our son Eddie,” she says coldly, indicating that the Grand Canyon thing was his lie. “That’s what YOU do.” Ouch. And true! And when they tell Theo what’s going on, the boy immediately hugs his father and accuses Katherine of not taking better care of her.

Over at Delilah’s, Gary breaks his COVID-related house lock, but only so he can drive Ed to the facility. Sophie and Danny protest, but Gary makes it clear that he expects them to stay while he’s gone. (By the way, he doesn’t tell them where he’s going.) This will prove important later.

KATHERINES BREAKING POINT | While Gary waits for Eddie to finish in the bathroom before they leave, he asks Katherine how she is. “Same old story: Eddie breaks his promise and I pay the price. Again, “she says devastated. She adds that she no longer believes she can, and Gary tells her that if she reached her limit, no one would blame her. Of course, Eddie overhears and – after feeling terrible about the withdrawal and everything that has happened – he beats Gary as soon as they get into rehab. And his words hurt: “I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to fill Jon’s shoes. But you are not Jon, you will never be Jon because Jon would never stab a friend in the back like that. “Ouch again.

During group therapy, another patient named Jackie listens while Eddie worries about how everyone hates him and calls on him to stop focusing on the damage he’s done to everyone else.

Meanwhile, Katherine leaves her mother to watch Theo and goes to the office, where she drinks and is sad. (Side note: When Katherine looked at the family photo on her desk, I legitimately wondered who the baby was. Delilah and Charlie have been gone that long!) Alan shows up after seeing her car outside. He listens to her as her life is determined by whatever she should do. “I don’t want to be Katherine anymore,” she complains drunk and then kisses him quickly. She immediately regrets it, but Alan tries hard not to make her feel bad. “If you were sober and single, I would be the one to take a step,” he says. Then he drives her home.

Once there, she enters Eddie FaceTiming with Theo. After they finish, Theo leaves the room and Eddie starts talking to Katherine. But she just closes the lid of the laptop and ends the call.

A message from mom | Bad news for Tyrell: With his mother using his dead father’s Social Security number to get a job, she’s unlikely to get out of immigration and customs control anytime soon. And then he misses a call from her, which makes him angry and sad at the same time. But Regina buys him a fitness tracker – which syncs with his phone and helps him not to miss any calls the next time mom can call – and it seems like he’s feeling a little better.

Meanwhile, Rome and his father argue over Rome’s belief that Rome’s dead mother is sending him messages by leaving random pennies on his way, which he believes is an allusion to her favorite song, Pennies From Heaven. Eventually, Gary tells (remember the mental debacle?) To let it go if it helps his grieving father, and everyone – plus Tyrell – light a candle for all missing mothers.

Goodbye, JAMIE POPPINS | Jamie accompanies Maggie to her doctor’s appointment where they learn that her scans were clean (yay!) But that her risk status means she probably shouldn’t be on a plane while the pandemic rages on. So no more Oxford. (Boo!)

To make the injury worse, a nurse who flirted with Jamie during the visit asks him out on a date and he leaves. Maggie insists that she is okay with this since she has no strings, but later admits that she was a little jealous. And in return, Jamie admits that he has realized that he is way too involved with her and that he will keep her from becoming the person she wanted to be if things move on. While I generally hate this type of romantic thinking – a good thing is a good thing, no? – The couple have a very nice farewell, in which it is clear that they like each other very much, but realize that this change could be the best.

SOPHIE’S CHOICE | When Gary returns to Delilah, Sophie is gone. With Danny’s help, Gary picks up her iPad and sees her latest texts. it seems like she snuck out to see her boyfriend Jake. But when Gary runs to the man’s house, he finds out that she broke up with him weeks ago.

It turns out that the devious Sophie has saved someone else’s number under Jake’s name on her cell phone and iPad. And when Gary dials the number … Sophie’s guitar teacher Peter picks up the phone. Eep!

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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